General Information


1. The Roundup is held at the Dubose Conference Center on a 65 acre tract of land in the Cumberland Mountains, 6 miles from historic Sewanee, site of the University of the South. It is located in Monteagle, TN on US Routes 41 and 64 and 1-24, about 50 miles north of Chattanooga and 90 miles south of Nashville.

2. Activities officially begin with supper Friday night at 6:30. The speaker meeting Friday night will be at 8:00 P.M. The Roundup ends with Sunday lunch at 11:30 A.M.

3. The program allows free time for fellowship, recreation, quiet time, and sightseeing. Saturday afternoon is completely free.

4. The fees we charge cover registration, room & board for the weekend. We do ask that everyone contribute to the tip fo the excellent kitchen staff. A box will be provided in the diving room for same.

5. All facilities and meeting rooms for the weekend are located under one roof.

6. If you arrive by commercial airline, the most convenient airport is in Chattanooga.

7. Motel rooms are limited. If the motel is filled, you will be placed in the Conference Center, and on a waiting list for a motel room. Motel rooms have a private bath. The Conference Center has communal bathrooms for the men and for the women.

8. This is a very informal weekend. Casual attire is appropriate.

9. Tape recorders are allowed in the meetings - however, for your convenience, there will be professionally made tapes and CD's available for a nominal price.

10. There is NO SMOKING in the facility, anywhere. Smoking is only permitted out of doors.

11. Gambling of any sort is NOT ALLOWED anywhere on the grounds of the Dubose Center.

12. Pets are NOT ALLOWED anywhere on the grounds of the Dubose Center.

13. A golf course is located in Sewanee - several of our attendees play there during the Roundup.

14. The emergency phone number, if you must be reached at the Roundup is 931-924-2353.

15. Handicapped facilities are available at the facility - just let us know your special needs.

Hospitality Room - our hospitality room is a group effort - everyone is allowed (and encouraged) to participate. We love to eat and want to sample your favorite snacks & homemade goodies!

Raffle - Anyone who wants to bring a prize for the raffle table is more than welcome to do so. Participation is the key to harmony. The raffle is a lot of fun, there are great prizes, and the raffle proceeds help to fund the expenses of the Roundup.

Each registration must be accompanied by a deposit of $45.00 for the Conf. Center or $60.00 for the motel (per person). The balance is due upon arrival. Refunds will only be made if we are notified 5 days prior to the Roundup. No single rooms are available in the motel. Full fees may be paid in advance if desired.

To register send your name, address and telephone number with your request for desired accomodations, along with 1/2 of your fee.


Mail your registration information with your partial payment to:

Monteagle Roundup
P. O. Box 381
Duluth, GA 30096